Active System Furs | Production
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In the tradition of excellence, Active System Furs produces fur and leather garments on solid emphasis on quality and modern aesthetic, with the inclusion, in the production process, of innovative materials that meet all requirements and needs of the client. Thanks to the passion and love for their work, the Team Active System Furs provides professionalism, technical expertise and creative craftsmanship. Active System Furs undergoes processing any kind of fur and leather, as a function of direct knowledge, and is able to rely, on a tight schedule, of supplies of raw materials without any quantitative restrictions. The production’s process consists of three departments that interact with each other in order to achieve the quality’s maximization of the final product .

  • The R&D department works to be up to date on trends and changes in the market in order to improve production processes.
  • The production department uses the work of professional craftsmen and advanced machinery located both within the company and outside through  third party companies, for what concerns the minor workings. The production process takes place under the supervision of a qualified team that checks compliance with the highest standards of product quality seeds worked.
  • The sales department, through a wide network of specialists, works on the Italian, European and Japanese markets.